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STRCH Token Starch Miners (V1) Starch Miners (V2) Starch Vouchers


Token Supply

43T tokens are on a locked policy id to ensure a limited supply.

Token utility

This token will be used to participate in the STRCH ecosystem.

STRCH can be used to purchase raffle tickets: HERE.

Where to get?

Mining STRCH token CLICK HERE to get started.

Get 10k STRCH blochain-wide or 43k STRCH if staked to a Starch Pool every epoch on DripDropz.

STRCH is traded on major Cardano exchanges like Minswap and Sundae Swap.

Policy ID


Starch Miners (V1)

NFT quantity

There will only ever be 447 of these miners. Other miners will be minted in the future to continue growing the ecosystem but these will always be special.

The original Starch Miners were minted at the begining of 2022 when the project first started.

10 special 420 miners were minted on 4/20/22.

NFT utility

This token is used to access the StarchChain, mine and claim STRCH tokens.

Only the owner of the miner NFT can claim tokens but anyone can mine using the miner ID.

Where to get?

Get one on Token Riot or JPG.STORE

Policy ID


Starch Miners (V2)

NFT quantity

These miners will be released in rounds of 588.

NFT utility

This token does everything the Starch Miners (V1) does but includes additional cosmetic features allowing holders to modify the NFT realtime at no cost using CIP-08 signed data.

Cosmetic traits are loaded into these miners off-chain allowing for more drops over time and a near unlimited potential for personalization.

Where to get?

Minting Now

Get one HERE

Policy ID


Starch Vouchers

NFT amount

Because this is a reward for staking to Starch Pools only a maximum of 100 vouchers will be minted for this series, more vouchers might be minted in the future.

NFT Utility

Vouchers will be used to redeem specific game items from the STARCH-CHAIN.


Copper Vouchers: ~50%

Iron Vouchers: ~25%

Silver Vouchers: ~12.5%

Gold Vouchers: ~6.25%

Mithril Vouchers: ~3.125%

Where to get?

Staking to BONE, INFI, WEED or 4FREE gives you a 1 in 5 chace to get a voucher when claiming your STRCH tokens.

Policy ID


Starch Teams

Coming Soon

Policy ID


Starch Machines

Coming Soon

Policy ID


Starch Room Decorations

Coming Soon

Policy ID


Starch Break Rooms

Coming Soon

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