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Recent Updates

Some Cleaning Up

Jan 20, 2024

+ Updated the Stats Page to include more information.

+ Updated the Roadmap to make our plans clearer.

- Removed the claim button from the Miner page, to avoid confusion when viewing someone else's miner.

+ Optimized the site to fully use the server's resources.

+ Updated databases to provide more data. (more on this in the next update)

+ Fixed a few typos.

- Removed Spudbrine.

Complete UI/UX Update

Jan 8, 2024

+ New style following the previous style but.. and I quote BonePool here: "Sexy".

+ Updated the Whitepaper now Litepaper to include great suggestions from Noodz.

+ Claim button now only shows up when a wallet is connected.

+ Status on miner page to make it clear when a miner is online.

+ Renamed the Wallet page to Dashboard.

+ Updated Blockchain page to show more details about each block.

+ Changed out the cubes in the background for potatoes <3.

+ Fixed some broken links and typos.

New Years Update

Jan 4, 2024

+ Added limited mining for the remaining 28 Starch miners (V1).

+ Optimized the website with the use of cache files.

+ Included Mining Treasury in the home page.

+ Included Mint Schedule in the home page.

+ Made some UI changes to improve the look of the website.

+ Updated Miner UI with more animations.

+ Updates to the Litepaper to clarify how things work.

+ Added the Start Here page for new users.

+ Vouchers NFT as rewards for miners claiming STRCH and staking to Starch Pools.

+ Added Assets page to explain each asset and their uses.

Proof of Attendance Update

Dec 18, 2023

- Removed Proof of Work (PoW).

- Removed difficulty variable.

+ Added Proof of Attendace (PoA).

+ Transfered New Site to

+ Updated Miner UI to display more information.

+ Wallet Connection Optimized.

+ Added Update and Mint Pages.

+ Updated Roadmap and Whitepaper.

+ Updated Home page to display Halving Count.

+ Can now claim $STRCH from just 1 miner.

+ New API enpoints availible.

+ Fixed Typos on the site.