Connect Wallet


Version 1.4 | Updated: Apr 9, 2024


- Free Miner trade-in from V1 to V2. (Completed)

- Potato Miners (V2 Miners). (Ongoing)

- Starch Teams.

- Mining Machines.

- Break Rooms.

- Room decorations.

Growth Goals

- Become Trending on JPG STORE. (Completed)

- PotatoSpace - Starch Twitter Spaces every week. (Ongoing)

- Increase number of $STRCH holders to 10,000+. (In Progress)

- Marketing Cycles to help solidify the community. (Ongoing)

Social Features

- Usernames and potato profile picture.

- Exclusive NFT Market place with STRCH fees.

- Upvote your favorite joke - Name TBD.

- Integrate Discord Server. (In Progress)

- PvP and PvE multiplayer minigames.

Game Features

- Change from proof-of-work to proof-of-attendance. (Completed)

- Customize NFT layers. (Completed)

- Weekly and Seasonal Events.

- Rooms for Potato Miners.

- Send Potatoes on missions to collect resources.


- Website with CIP-30 wallet connector. (Completed)

- STARCH-CHAIN viewer. (Completed)

- New Leaderboard page. (Completed)

- Reroute URLs to new website. (Completed)

- Crawler at the top of the page. (Completed)

- Navigate pages without stopping miners. (In Development)


- Upgrade Servers to support more miners. (In Development)

- Integrate Starch Pools as oracles.

- Simple Metadata in blocks.

- Transactions with STRCH fees. (In Development)

Starch Improvement Proposals (SIPs)

- Update and intrgrate SIP-69420. (In Development)

- Update the SIP process to follow basic a basic problems-solution methodology.

Delevoper Support

- Endpoint Documentation.

- Code examples in Python, JavaScript and TypeScript.