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Get a STRCH Miner NFT

Mint one HERE or get one on JPG.STORE.

Open your Miner

If you know the Miner ID you can use it to open your miner HERE.

Or connect the wallet holding the miner to this site.

Start Mining

Click the "Start Mining" button on your miner!

Make sure the miner doesn't time out. (More information below)

More information on mining

Mining from Any Device

Connecting a wallet to this site is not necessary to mine STRCH.

Miners can be opened on any device using the Open Miner Tool as long as the device supports a web browser and the screen doesn't time out or go blank.

How does mining work?

STRCH mining uses Proof of Attendance (PoA) this rewards participation in the network by miners essentially showing up.

Miners that are attending are added to a pool of pending blocks every 147 seconds a random block is selected from this pool and that miner is rewarded with STRCH tokens.

Only 1 block per miner is added to the pool of pending blocks each round this makes it fair to all miners in the network by providing an even distribution.

More Questions?

Reach out on Twitter or Discord.